How it works

Let your team experience, creativity and teamwork in a totally new manner.

Your task is to build a new car with the following requirements: the car must have a steering facility, brakes and must be able to carry the whole team for the racing course.

How it works

Groups of 6 are formed, who will all recieve the same starter kit.

At the beginning of the event, each team receives short instructions (no construction plan) and the same manufacturing materials: big wooden board, double lath, electric saw, drills, screws and planning materials.

The racing course at the end of the workshop will prove which team members are the construction experts – one of the challenges is, of course, that no team member is allowed to touch ground after the run. However, speed is not the only challenge – creativity will also be assessed.

The most attractive car, with the most original and imaginative gadgets will win the design competition.

Included: Room rental, instructor, building materials, tools, non-alcoholic drinks during the workshop, organisation and accomplishment, photo USB-Stick after the event, certificates and rankings

Not included: Aperitif, meal, coach support, prices for the winning team

Car Building Workshop

Information sheet (PDF)

Giardino Verde, Uitikon-Waldegg

Outdoor and Indoor

2 – 3 hours (without test)

Test on the race track

aperitif and dinner

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