Scavenger hunt in the city

Did you know that Vladimir Lenin was in exile in Zurich in 1915 and read his newspaper «Pravda» each morning in the Restaurant Odeon? Or that the artist of the Lion Monument killed himself after the unveiling of his sculpture? No? Then this event is just right for you and your team!

Equipped with a questionnaire and a digital camera, you will embark on a unique expedition through Zurich’s exciting history. This game is not about athletic achievements, but about team spirit and the collective activity. After answering all the questions, you optionally meet in a restaurant of your choice where you enjoy a fine meal and share your experiences. In the meantime, the winning team will be chosen.

City Game

Discover the city center, the trendy district of Zurich West or Schaffhausen from an new angle.

You search for hidden points, equipped with maps, location descriptions and a digital camera. Along the way you solve tricky puzzles with your team and answer difficult questions.

Included: Organisation and accomplishment, assets, dossiers with tasks and questions, winner diplomas and rankings, rain gear in case of bad weather

Not included: ZVV ticket during the game, appetizer, food, all drinks, prices for the winning team

City Game

Outdoor program (available throughout the year)

Information sheet Zurich city (PDF)

Information sheet Zurich West (PDF)

Information sheet Schaffhausen (PDF)

2 – 3 hours

City Zurich | Zurich West | Schaffhausen

followed by an aperitif or food

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