The creative winter fun event!

Build your own bobsleigh together with your colleagues and then compete with
the other teams on the track in a fun-filled race. The goal for the participants is
to work together on colorful and drivable (wooden) bobsleighs using the
available material such as skis and brackets as well as various small materials.
Creativity, teamwork and cooperation are very important in this exciting
program! Let your own imagination surprise you!

Bobsleigh Construction Workshop
(Available from December to April)

Included in the price: Building materials, instructions, tools, prize, ranking,

Not included in the price: VAT, race track equipment, disposal costs, location
rent, food & beverage, event agency efforts, material transport and guides'
access to the event location

Bobsleigh Construction Workshop

3 hours

Number of participants
at least 30 people

freely selectable / snow required

Raclette, Fondue, downhill with Skibockerl, Ziesel tour

from CHF 95.- per person

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