Journey discovery at Zoo Zurich

Have fun learning about ecosystems, endangered species and the behavior of the animals. You search for hidden points, equipped with maps, location descriptions and a digital camera. Along the way you solve tricky puzzles with your team and answer difficult questions.

During the Kreaktiv game "Zoo Zurich" you experience in an exciting and creative way the mysteries of the animal kingdom and learn about ecosystems, endangered species and behaviors of the animals. On the adventurous journey through the tropical rain forest of the Masoala hall you seek out exotic animals and plants.

Kreaktiv Game Zoo Zurich – Program

In groups of about 5 to 8 people you go on a discovery tour with a map, camera and photos, looking for the most interesting places of the zoo, interesting animals, and solve tricky tasks.

A sense of orientation, observation and team spirit have a high significance at these Kreaktiv Games at the Zurich Zoo, in contrast to walking. The team with the highest score (even creativity is scored) wins. That’s how to discover the treasures of the Zurich Zoo. After the game, you will get an exciting tour of the zoo. You may select the topic of your tour from the accompanying documents. In the meantime, your answers are evaluated and the winning team is chosen.

Included: Folders with tasks and questions, organization and execution, assets, rental of digital cameras, zoo admission, local guide, rankings, Prices for the winning team, one-hour tour, photo USB-Stick after the event

Not included: Food, aperitif, all drinks

Zoo Zurich

All year round feasible

3 hours

Number of participants
at least 20 people

Zurich Zoo

Lunch or dinner in the restaurant «Altes Klösterli» or «Restaurant Pantanal»

from CHF 89.- per person

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