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Fascination of water hiking! 

Glide on the kayak over the sparkling water surface, listen to the silence
together with your team, enjoy nature and decelerate. It is a wonderful
experience to move silently on the water, to be one with nature, to leave
everyday life behind and enjoy the peace and quiet. Wind and waves determine
the speed and sometimes let a little adventure come up. This team experience
brings a lot of idyll with it!

(Available from April to November)

Included in the price: Kayaks, guides, double paddle, life jacket

Not included in the price: VAT, location rent, food & beverage, event agency
efforts, material transport and guides' access to the event location


from 1.5 hours

freely selectable lake

raft building, SUP, BBQ

Number of participants
at least 10 people

from CHF 105.- per person

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