A team experience to take off!

"Welcome to our dynamic Nasa workshop!” Develop, fiddle about and
implement creative ideas together. The guests build rockets in small teams with
water pressure propulsion which reach a height of up to 100m. The goal is to
build which has the longest flight in the air and to integrate a reliable parachute
system with which the rocket glides gently back to the ground. Bring your
employees to a common high altitude flight with this unique team event!

Rocket Construction Workshop

Included in the price: Instructions, material, guides, launch ramp, rocket

Not included in the price: VAT, location rent, food & beverage, event agency
efforts, material transport and guides' access to the event location

Rocket Construction Workshop

2 hours

freely selectable with enough space all around for the rocket launch

BBQ, suckling piglet

Number of participants
at least 12 people

from CHF 68.- per person

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